€1 MILLION BUST: Six arrested for allegedly robbing 97-year-old woman

SAFE KEEPING: An officer assesses the seized loot. Credit: National Police

THE National Police have arrested six members of a criminal group who allegedly raided the home of a 97 year-old woman in Alcoi, Alicante, to steal her life savings, including gold jewellery that was stored in a safe.

Police estimate that the stolen items had a value of close to €1 million.

The woman was not at home at the time of the raid, but when she returned they locked her in the bathroom and took away her mobile phone.


As reported by local police, the burglars had a “clear objective” to break open the safe using a blowtorch.

They succeeded and stole a large number jewels including sapphires, rubies and emeralds, as well as a large amount of cash.

A comprehensive police investigation followed over four months that ended with the arrest of all those involved.

Three men and three women were involved, aged between 27 and 57, and they were Spanish, Ecuadorian and Colombian nationals.

Officers from the Specialised Crime Unit focused on three addresses in the towns of Alcoi,  Torre Pacheco and Fuente Alamo.

Along with the arrests the blowtorch was seized, as well as €6,000 in cash, $2,100 in cash, 100 grams of cocaine and various mobile phones.


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