WATCH: Emergency landing for Space Station astronauts following rocket failure on take-off

Russian cosmonaut, actress, and film producer to fly to the ISS
Image: NASA

TWO astronauts on board a flight to the International Space Station have made an emergency landing back on earth after booster rockets on their Soyuz craft failed.

The capsule containing NASA’s Nick Hague and Roscosmos’ Alexei Ovchinin has landed in Kazakhstan and helicopters and rescue teams have been sent to locate them.

The space agency said: “The Soyuz capsule is returning to Earth via a ballistic descent, which is a sharper angle of landing compared to normal. Search and rescue teams are heading towards the expected touchdown location of the spacecraft and crew.”


They have since added: “Search and rescue teams report they are in contact with the Soyuz crew, who report they are in good condition.

“The teams are en route to the landing site.”

The flight was aborted shortly after the launch from Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan which should have involved a four-orbit, six-hour journey to the International Space Station.

A NASA spokesperson said that the ISS crew members currently in-orbit have been “notified of the launch contingency”.


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