Brit holidaymakers stuck in Spain for 27-HOURS after technical problem with plane

Tour Operator TUI has announced eight short-haul destinations for holidaymakers across Spain and Greece from July 11. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

BRITISH holidaymakers were forced to endure 27 hours of delays when their flight from the Canary Islands to Manchester broke down.

A ´technical problem’ with the wing flaps on their TUI plane left passengers stranded without any alternative flights to Manchester.

The scheduled take-off time from Tenerife for the TUI flight was 1pm on Tuesday.


However, the flight actually left on 4pm on Wednesday and passengers were stuck on the island for 27 hours.

TUI bosses apologised for the frustrating delay after passengers were left waiting onboard the idle plane for five hours while waiting for the problem to be resolved.

After a long wait the passengers were escorted off of the aircraft taken to hotels for the night.

However, Roger Pickford a passenger aboard the affected flight complained to the British press, claiming the airline’s lack of information was unacceptable: “We didn’t have any information from anyone.”

Mr. Pickford bemoaned the ‘poor quality’ of the hotel provided by the airline.

“There were people sat in the airport with babies and young children”, claimed Mr. Pickford.

He then alleged, “Some people got five-star hotels, but ours was horrible.”

A spokesman for TUI said: “We would like to apologise for any inconvenience to customers on the delayed flight TOM2203 from Tenerife to Manchester.”

“We understand how frustrating a flight delay can be and we would like to thank affected customers for their patience and understanding.”


  1. We had a similar problem coming back from Tenerife with Norwegian Airlines. We were given a printed sheet with our rights, told to find ourselves a hotel, and keep all receipts. The taxi driver dropped us at a four-star, lovely hotel; we ate and drank there, got taxi back to airport the next morning at an appointed time and were flown back. I put the claim in the next day, received a confirmation e-mail, then a few days later an email confirming that they would reimburse us in full, which they did . Excellent service.

  2. Happened to me years ago in Malaga. We were taken to a hotel in Torremolinos. Everyone else sat around and moaned. My partner and I got the train into Malaga, spent a lovely afternoon and evening window shopping and doing the tapas run, and got the last train back, ready to be picked up at 1am for the flight home. The trick is to get information form the reps. They do know how long it is going to take, but don’t want you to know. Sometimes it is easy to work it out. Time taken to mend the fault, plus time taken to fly in a British engineering inspector, time for inspection, time for testing, and so on. So in our case clearly not less than 12 hours.


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