Yamaha Tracer 700 GT 2019: A ride to remember

ROAD RACER: The Tracer 700 GT builds on its predecessor. Credit: Yamaha

After the huge success of the original Tracer 700, Yamaha will launch its new and improved version next year which will feature a high-rise Tourer windshield, ergonomic seat and matching 20 litre side cases.

Thanks to these innovations, it will offer greater protection against the wind, more comfort in travelling and enhanced functionality.

With better specifications, the Tracer 700 GT develops the strengths of its sporty and dynamic predecessor, and is the most versatile model yet.


It will be available in Phantom Blue, Tech Black and Nimbus Gray, with the last option including red as a secondary colour.

Powered by Yamaha’s acclaimed 689 cc dual-cylinder engine, which generates a strong linear torque for maximum riding enjoyment, the Tracer 700 GT is versatile, exciting and affordable.

Its elegant and comfortable seat has been fitted with high-end padding, and the bike boasts a 17 litre fuel tank.

The compact and lightweight chassis complements the sharp lined design well.

There are a range of customise options and with the MyGarage app anyone can design the Yamaha of their dreams before making it a reality.


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