WATCH: Ryanair plane does ‘Irish jig’ in windy take-off from UK for Spain

IRISH JIG: The Ryanair flight takes off for Spain's Costa Blanca. Photo credit: YouTube / flugsnug

HAIR-RAISING video of a Ryanair aircraft being blasted by high winds on take-off from the UK for Spain’s Costa Blanca has emerged.

The footage shows an Alicante-bound aircraft operating flight FR1448 from Birmingham lurching to the left as the nose wheels and right wheels leave the ground.

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The dramatic scene has only just been posted online to flugsnug’s YouTube channel although it was filmed in September during Storm Ali.

The video description says: “Right side lifts then lands again, left side lifts, then right side has another go. Almost like a battle between the pilots for who gets to take off! They clearly had a struggle to control it. More excitement from the height of the gusts on 19th September 2018. This is flight FR1448/RYR75RW.”

One wag left a comment saying: “Ryanair: Normal takeoffs cost extra!”

Barry Allen added: “It still had better movement than Theresa May.

Michael Gutterman joked: “Who knew the captain would be a former Riverdance member?”

Although on a more serious note another user, SolVermelho91 posted: “Can’t understand the video description here. I don’t see anybody struggling. Nice crosswind takeoff and good track keeping after liftoff.”

Markus De added: “Skilled pilots – only at RYANAIR!”

Ryanair confirmed that after take-off the flight continued “without incident”.


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