BREXIT: British Ambassador to Spain working “day in, day out” for the best deal for travellers

AMBASSADOR: Simon Manley did his best to demonstrate the government's efforts. Photo Credit: British Embassy Madrid.

THE BRITISH AMBASSADOR to Spain, Simon Manley claims the government is working “day in, day out” to reach a Brexit deal to suit British travellers.

Simon Manley spoke at the Abta Travel Convention today (Tuesday) to address expat questions and concerns on the state of Brexit negotiations, especially regarding the travel industry.

Mr Manley remarked that Spain had “a lot of skin in Brexit”, referring to the 300,000 British expats in Spain and not forgetting the 185,000 Spaniards living in the UK and the €60 billion commercial relationship which binds the two nations.


Mr Manley continued: “We are working day in, day out to try and secure a deal with our European partners: we want to maintain frictionless trade with our European partners and frictionless travel, and we know at the heart of that lie aviation agreements.”

He added: “We want people to be able to move freely across Europe and that your industry continues to flourish as we leave the European Union.”

On a more cautionary note, Mr Manley conceded: “We are also having to prepare for the worst.”

“We don’t think we’re not going to get an agreement, we are absolutely committed to securing an agreement.”

Mr. Manley reasserted his position on tourism: “One thing remains sure, that partnership we have with all of you and will continue in the year ahead, to ensure tourism here and across the world continues to flourish and British travellers continue to enjoy safe and enjoyable trips abroad.”

Last year, Spain topped the list of nations visited by British holidaymakers, receiving 19 million tourists in total.


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