BRAKES ON: Reduced 90 km/h speed limits to be rolled out across Spain’s B-roads

NEW LIMIT: Parts of Spain's B-roads to get a 10 km/h reduction. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

THE SPANISH Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, alongside the Director of the DGT, Pere Navarro, has announced a new reduced speed limit for Spain’s secondary roads.

The interior minister confirmed this week that the new maximum speed limit for a large proportion of B-roads will be 90 km/h.

This reduced speed limit will be applied to stretches of Spanish roads which currently allow speeds of 100 km/h.


Fernando Grande-Marlaska claims this measure will be enforced to: “Try to match the maximum speed in these types of roads in other countries around us”.

The new measures will affect a total of 7,000 km of roads in Spain.

Pepe Navarro, DGT Director, claims that Spain’s B-roads account for 76% of the country’s road fatalities each year.

Neither Fernando Grande-Marlaska nor Pepe Navarro confirmed when the new measures will come into effect.


  1. It would also help if Spain taught drivers to use roundabouts as everyone else in the world does. They are actually trained to stick to the outside, even if they are going all the way round. In the rest of Europe you would fail your test if you did that.


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