WATCH: Shocking video of young Brit woman beaten by police baton in Spain

BATON: The Guardia Civil struck the woman during the incident. Photo Credit: Danielle Finlay Brookes via Facebookj

SICKENING footage has emerged of a young woman being struck by a police baton as she stood between two men having a heated discussion in Spain.

The video was captured in Magaluf, Mallorca outside a bar popular with holidaymakers and locals.

As the two men push and shove each other, the young woman, tries to intervene but to no avail.


At this point two Guardia Civil police officers arrive on the scene and ready their batons.

One officer swings his baton striking one of the men twice.

The same officer then strikes the young woman firmly across her arm before pushing the man to the ground.

Meanwhile, the other officer charges after the other man involved in the fight, baton raised.

No apparent attempt was made by the officers to engage in a dialogue to calmly diffuse the situation.

The video footage was captured by Danielle Finlay Brookes, who works on the island.

During the footage she says: “They are disgusting. I’ve got it on video for once. They just hit that poor girl.”

Accompanying her video Ms Brookes wrote: “The video shows a British girl who must have only just been 18 be attacked by them no questions asked and before any other action was taken by the Guardia to calm her friends.”




  1. Wow got to respect the law like it should be in the UK. When police arrive in Spain you put your hands up, they don’t mess around with English who are used to police being scared of handling the problem. That’s how the police should be, don’t see many stabbing out here because the police carry guns so people are actually afraid of them!

  2. Come on guys do we have to put up with the foul language from the observer. We don’t know what happened before the video or what triggered the observer to start filming , but this is a case of rubber necking of a fight and the Guardia intervening, it’s about time UK police did the same to drunkards on the street in the uk

  3. Feel sorry for the two posters above who feel it’s okay for the police to act like thugs, it isn’t. I know they have a lot to put up with bread they is no good reason for them to act in that way. They should be prosecuted.

  4. I lived in Spain for 11years the crime rate is very low. This is why, the police don’t mess around and the prisons are horrendous places to be.


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