Police catch ‘spiderman’ burglar scaling walls and swinging from balconies in Spain

SPIDER-SENSE: The burglar hung from balconies to gain entry to homes. Photo Credit: Policia Nacional

POLICE have arrested a 25-year-old man in Spain who was allegedly attempting to burgle homes after scaling walls and swinging from balcony to balcony. 

The Romanian suspect reportedly hung from a balcony and tried to open a window by force, after scaling the walls of homes in the Transits district of the city.

The alleged attempted burglary happened at around 4am on Monday morning when officers responded to reports a man had been seen hanging from balconies in the area.


Officers claimed the man was using force to wrench a window open while suspended on a balcony with oblivious inhabitants indoors.

Upon realising the police were watching his every move the suspect allegedly swung down from his balcony to the ground floor and ran in a desperate attempt to escape but was promptly caught by police officers.

Police arrested the man for attempted robbery by force and later found out the detainee holds a long list of previous offences on his criminal record.

The attempted burglar will now appear in court.


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