WATCH: ‘Looky looky’ man floors tourist with punch to head in Spain

LOOKY LOOKY: The tourist lies motionless on the ground after being punched by the street seller in Spain. Photo credit: Facebook / Cleaning up Magaluf

A SHOCKING video of a tourist in Spain arguing with a ‘looky looky’ man in Spain, before being punched to head and left lying motionless on the pavement has surfaced.

The violent footage was apparently shot on the Spanish holiday of Mallorca and posted to the Facebook group ‘Cleaning up Magaluf’ – claiming ‘What you witness here is the looky looky stole this man’s necklace and he is trying to get it back.’

The group says, ‘Enough is Enough!’


“We’ve made this group to make a stand against the ‘prostitutes’ who have robbed, stabbed, bullied and attacked not only holidaymakers but the residents and seasonal workers of Magaluf.

“It’s about time we all unite to show them that this is our home, this is our street and we will not take this any more.

“No longer will we fear walking home alone, no longer will we have to see them preying on the weak, drunk and helpless.

The group description goes on: “We will hold public demonstrations every night and prevent them from making a living preying on the people of Magaluf and together we will take back our streets, and make them understand that they are no longer welcome here and hey are not wanted!

“If the police will not do anything about it then we will! We will put an end to this together!”

“Help us raise funds to organise demonstrations and raise awareness of this problem until the government and police listen, and something is done.

“This is not about sex, race or violence, this is about public awareness and safety in the place we live and work.

“We do not condone racist or offensive comments or actions, violent or abusive behaviour or any form of criminal activity.”

What you witness here is the Looky Looky stole this mans necklace and he is trying to get it back

Geplaatst door Nicky Smith op Donderdag 4 oktober 2018


  1. Let’s face it, the police, politicians do not care about the looky looky men or the prostitutes. It is all about money. Staying in Paguera, full of lucky men, not one police officer seen in 7 days,

  2. The man in blue attacks the street vendor and he defends himself. Looks very simple. I have delt with hundreds of disputes between street vendors and customers and yet to find one where the street vendor was at fault.


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