Where will Spain bury Franco? – The debate continues

BURIAL: Franco’s remains may be buried at Almudena Cathedral CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

IF the remains of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco are exhumed, his family want him to be buried in the crypt of the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid.

The government last month approved the removal of his body from the Valley of the Fallen where he has remained since his death in 1975.

The decision was made to put an end to a situation which the parliament described as an ‘atrocious anomaly’.


The majority of deputies validated the decree which was approved in August during a meeting presided by the socialist Pedro Sanchez to fulfil a promise he made when he took office in June, to comply with the Law of Historical Memory.

Franco’s grandchildren, who opposed the move, have since put their wishes to officials, requesting that in the event of an exhumation, ‘the coffin must be delivered immediately’ to his family in the Basilca of the controversial monumental complex.

This is so that ‘after the funeral honours and corresponding religious services, to give them a Christian burial in the crypt where they have the corresponding right to internment’.


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