Spain’s solar ‘sun tax’ set to be scrapped in bid to cut household power bills

LEVY BINNED: The scrapping of the tax is set to make solar panels for households cheaper, (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

SPAIN’S Energy and Environment Minister has announced plans to abolish a tax on solar panels in an effort to cut electricity bills and make installing them cheaper.

Teresa Ribera said the tax had hampered Spain’s solar sector meaning there were only 1,000 privately installed compared to more than one million in Germany.

“This country is finally freeing itself from the great absurdity, scorned by most international observers, that is the ‘sun tax’,” Ribera said.


The levy due to be abolished taxed the use of solar panels of more than 10 kilowatts of capacity that were connected to the national grid.

Spanish households currently pay the sixth-highest electricity bills in Europe, according to the European Union’s (EU) Eurostat statistics body.


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