Who is responsible for water leak?

Who is responsible for a water leak? (file image) Photo Credit: Shutterstock


I have an underground garage space in our building. Last week I observed water dripping from the ceiling. The floor was already covered with water and my golf cart was damaged. I informed the community administration, who informed their Insurance company. The next day a plumber sent by the Insurance came to find the cause. At that time the water dripping had stopped. The plumber told me that the water drip was caused when the water company changed a water meter. I expected the insurance of the community to cover the damage. The administration informed me that their insurance company does not cover the damage as the cause was not a broken water pipe. I cannot accept this and ask you how to proceed.

P.M. (Costa Blanca)

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ANSWER: I hope that by the time you read this, someone has told you that you should proceed against the insurance providers of the water company. They caused the drip. I am surprised that your community administration did not tell you this and offer to help you make the contact. A report from the community administration will carry more weight than a private complaint.



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