Costa del Sol’s thriving community at its very best


A SNAPSHOT of the coast’s expatriate residents from every walk of life came together to enjoy a wonderful autumn day with good music, excellent food and even better company.

Some of the region’s most successful businessmen and women rubbed shoulders with unsung heroes from the world of charity as they gathered to celebrate a surprise party.

But make no mistake, this was more than a party, it was a coming together of people from all walks of life with one thing in common – they are all part of the community that marks out the Costa del Sol as a very special place to live.


Each and every one of the attendees has contributed to the well-being of the thriving expatriate scene – many in more ways than one.

From restauranteurs who have not only put the coast on the culinary map, but also brought huge amounts of publicity for the region to highly successful businesswomen who have worked hard to empower women; entrepreneurs whose drive has helped make the Costa del Sol such a thriving society to people who have made it their life mission to help those less fortunate than themselves.

It was a rare opportunity for so many of the leading lights of the coast’s expatriate community to come together, have a chat, let their hair down and perhaps welcome new friends.

Make no mistake though, there is no doubt that many of those gathered will have struck a spark that will lead to many new initiatives that will help the expatriate community continue to thrive professionally, socially and in the world of charity.


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