HEROIC: British nurse helps save drowning man in swimming pool in Spain

HEROIC: Val Kellett's actions saved the young man's life. Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Facebook

A NURSE from Sheffield has been praised for her heroic actions after she helped save the life of a young man who was found at the bottom of an Ibiza swimming pool.

Val Kellett, who was celebrating her 50th birthday on the Balearic island, recalled spotting the young man in urgent need of medical attention after nearly drowning.

Ms. Kellett, an NHS resuscitation officer, leapt into action after helping a hotel employee pull the young man out of the swimming pool.


She said the man was motionless and his body discoloured after being removed from the water.

The nurse was able to use her resuscitation training to keep the young man alive until emergency services arrived at the scene.

Thanks to her efforts the young man’s pulse returned and he made a full recovery after a two-week spell in intensive care.

Ms. Kellett stresses the importance of taking swift action to resuscitate and intervene in drowning incidents.

She advocates that: “Everyone should do resuscitation training.”


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