British woman, 22, claims bouncers broke her collarbone in trendy Barcelona nightclub

BOUNCED: Olivia Martin claims she was assaulted by bouncers in Spain. Photo Credit: Olivia Martin (Facebook) / Tripadvisor

A YOUNG British woman claims bouncers assaulted her, breaking her collarbone, when she was ejected from a club in Spain.

The alleged victim, 22-year-old Olivia Martin from Kent, claims she was thrown to the ground and kicked by bouncers after being kicked out of the trendy Pacha bar in Barcelona.

She claims she was removed from the nightclub for taking her shoes off inside.


Ms. Martin was in the popular tourist city with her sister, mother, aunt and their respective partners at the time.

Speaking to the British press, the 22-year-old claims she was dragged out of the famous nightclub before being beaten by the bouncers.

Olivia also alleges that her sister’s boyfriend, Jack, was caught up in the violence when trying to defend her, breaking his nose in the process.

Later that night, Ms. Martin claims she was denied instant access to a Barcelona hospital as she wasn’t carrying a European Health Insurance Card.

Being forced to wait until returning to England to visit a doctor, Olivia discovered she had a broken collarbone and is now taking time off of work to recover.

Pacha bar representatives have strongly denied the allegations.

The nightclub say they have not received any complaints from Ms. Martin or contact from the police regarding the alleged incident.



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