Claims holiday rep’s ‘gun prank’ ruins British couple’s trip to Spain

PRANK: A TUI rep brandished a gun in front of hotel guests. Photo Credit: Steven Fuller

A BRITISH couple has claimed a holiday rep brandished a gun in front of  “horrified” holidaymakers at the side of a hotel swimming pool in Spain.

Steven and Mary Fuller, 60 and 69, from Essex, said they were outraged by the “completely inappropriate” behaviour demonstrated by the TUI holiday rep.

The couple were staying at a TUI hotel in Tenerife and claim the unnamed holiday rep’s actions made them uncomfortable after the events of the 2015 Tunisia beach massacre, where 38 people were shot dead at a beach resort.


Mr. Fuller claims: “He started waving it around, pointing it at people and shooting.”

“It had nothing in it but it was making people jump.”

The Fullers later learned the gun was an air-rifle but Mr. Fuller was adamant:  “We were just absolutely horrified.”

Mr. and Mrs. Fuller complained to TUI about the rep’s actions and the travel firm replied: “We’re really disappointed to hear about this activity.”

The couple was assured the employees at their Tenerife hotel would be reminded about the Tui “entertainment guidelines”.

The incident occurred earlier this month and the Fullers say they had no problem with the hotel provided by TUI.

But the couple has stated they have concerns over the standard of TUI staff in their Tenerife resort and claim the entire incident had “completely ruined” their holiday.


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