‘MORTIFIED’: British mother told to stop breastfeeding her son on easyJet flight to Spain

TEARS: Mother and baby cried when asked to stop breastfeeding during take-off. Photo credits: Shutterstock / Facebook

A BRITISH mother-of-four has slammed easyJet after she was told to stop breastfeeding her baby on a flight from London Gatwick to Fuerteventura on the Canary Islands.

Kelly Edgson-Payne, 36, claims she had to prise her one-year-old baby off her mid-feed when pressed by a member of the cabin crew.

Accompanied by her husband Ross, 40, and their children, Mrs Edgson-Payne claims she was ‘mortified’ and that her infant child was ‘left in tears’ after the incident.


A male member of the cabin crew insisted that the mother-of-four desisted during take-off.

Mrs Edgson-Payne from Rochester in Kent vented her anger towards the budget airline, she stated: “I find it really disappointing that an airline I trust, and who we fly with all the time, actually broke the law in discriminating against me as a breastfeeding mother.”

Mrs Edgson-Payne complained to easyJet’s customer services upon her arrival to the Canary Island but claims she was told easyJet welcome the breastfeeding of babies on their flights with the proviso it is done in a ‘discreet’ manner.

In addition to this, easyJet’s website clearly states: “We support breastfeeding mothers and you can feed your baby on board at any time.”

An easyJet spokesman has since stated: “easyJet supports breastfeeding and customers flying with easyJet can breastfeed at any time during the flight.”

“It is not our policy to ask mothers to be discreet and we make this very clear in our training”

“We have followed up to ensure this does not happen in future.”


  1. Obviously the crew were not stopping her from breast feeding during the flight but only during the take off. Someone wanted to make a point and have their 15 minutes of fame. There are safety implications during take off and landing but unfortunately there are always people who think they know better.
    I’m sure there are thousands of mothers who have successfully breast fed their infants on EasyJet without any problems.

  2. This is shocking! Feeding your baby to soothe him/her particularly during changes of air pressure, when the ears are affected, is the most natural thing to do. Maybe the sucking of sweets should be banned?

  3. It is very clear, both from this article and all the others, that this was only during take off, for very obvious safety reasons. She is trying to claim her 15 minutes of fame.

  4. Agree with all but one above…discretion in a cramped public locality is common sense…the bottle for a short period is not the end of the world…and may I add…four siblings is also selfish in these times…


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