Good night’s sleep

BENEFITS: There are lots of reasons why it is better to sleep on your left side. CREDIT: Shutterstock

WHICH side should you sleep on, left or right? Apparently, the left is better for our health.

Most of us change positions during sleep, but it can apparently make a difference which side you prefer.

Research claims that one position is better than the other for improving the digestive processes.


The intestinal transit and the passage of waste from the large intestine to the colon are facilitated by opting to lie to the left.

Additionally, stomach acid is prevented from rising to the mouth, which can result in heartburn.

The position is favoured by the heart, too, as it makes it easier for pumping blood to the rest of the body because the aorta vein traces an arched path to the left and on to the abdomen.

A study by the University of Stony Brook, which was published in the ‘Journal of Neuroscience’ found that tilting to the left is most recommended for the work of the glyphostate system, which gets rid of waste that is present in the nervous system, such as the so-called beta-amyloid deposits.

The blood circulation is said to be more fluid because sleeping on the left side releases pressure on the vena cava, and blood, with all its components, such as oxygen, finds its way around the body more efficiently.

Many doctors advise pregnant women to adopt this position as it facilitates the flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta. At the same time, the lungs are less compressed and the rest of the organs don’t place excessive weight on the fetus.

Research has shown that the spine is more aligned if you sleep on your left side, which allows the entire muscular system that surrounds the back to rest. But it’s important that the pillow is not too high, nor too low, as that requires greater effort on the part of the neck muscles.



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