Don’t let thieves in while you’re out

SENSOR: A sudden flash of light can deter thieves Photo Credit; Shutterstock

STATISTICS show that homes in high-visibility areas, like corner plots, are less likely to be broken into.

While those in the middle of blocks or isolated, make better targets, particularly if there is an unguarded area behind the property.

But, inadvertently, we could be all sending our own little indicators that make our home a target to thieves.


According to a leading British building society, 40 per cent of people admit to posting pictures on social media while they out and about or on vacation, making their house a prime target for anyone with ill intentions.

The advice is to make sure profiles aren’t public and wait to post beach selfies until your back home.

Your garden or yard could be sending off a message. If you have toys and bikes lying around, the chances are there are expensive game stations inside, an attractive thought for opportunists.

If you normally leave your blinds or curtains open during the day and close them the day you leave for a period of time, this could be a calling card for burglars that nobody is home.

Remove any cut flowers that are visible if you won’t be in for a few days so that they aren’t left to wilt. If a home looks well-kept from the outside or through a window, it stands to reason the occupant isn’t going to leave dead flowers in a vase.

If you are going to be away for a long spell and have a lawn, arrange for a friend or neighbour to cut it in your absence.

Obituaries and announcements in newspapers can tip off thieves that properties are empty on certain dates and even times.

But as well as alarm system and/or a guard dog, there are ways to make it look like you’re at home,or protect it while you’re away.

The last thing a burglar wants to do is attract attention, so a sudden flood of light from motion sensor lights can help. Or invest in remote controlled lighting.

If you’re going to away for the day, leaving a television or radio on is an idea, but any longer than that could imply the opposite.  Fake television devices are available on the market which mimic the flickering of the real deal. They can be programmed to kick in at certain times to be more realistic.

Try leaving a car on the driveway, if you have one. If you need your own, ask a friend or neighbour if they could theirs there on occasions.


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