VIDEO: Electric scooter riders spotted belting along motorway in Spain

PREDATOR: Which is worse, the man filming at the wheel or the child on the scooter? Photo Credit: @radaresvalencia via twitter

POLICE want to catch up with two riders of an electric scooter that was spotted tearing down a busy motorway in Spain.

The scooter-riding duo appeared to be wearing ‘Predator’ masks from the famous sci-fi franchise in a video that has emerged on social media.

Twitter user @jorge_tele who saw the young scooter enthusiasts on the motorway, said: “They could have caused a serious accident!”


A motorist, using his mobile at the wheel of his car, captured the reckless act on the V-23 motorway in Valencia and uploaded it to the Twitter account @radaresvalencia.

And now he could also face action from the police for using the device while driving.


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