Spain named most welcoming nation for refugees in new survey

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WELCOME: Spain tops the list of nations willing to take in refugees. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

SPAIN has been ranked in the top spot as the most welcoming country for migrants while Italy, Poland and Hungary were the lowest ranked EU nations in the survey

Eighteen nations took part in a Pew Research Centre study which revealed 86 per cent of Spaniards would welcome migrants fleeing persecution into their country.

This 86 per cent score ranked Spain as the most welcoming of the 18 nations surveyed, in a list that included 10 EU countries.


These findings confirm the results of a separate survey, conducted by the European Commission’s Eurobarometer, which suggested 83 per cent of Spaniards would welcome refugees from war-torn or impoverished nations.

This attitude has been especially evident this year.  For instance, in June Spain elected to accept 630 migrants from the humanitarian ship Aquarius after permission to dock in Italy or Malta was refused.

The Pew Research Centre has said the findings reflect very well on the positive mindset of the Spanish people.

Italy, Poland and Hungary were the lowest ranked EU nations in the survey, for Hungary 54 per cent of those surveyed were against accepting refugees.

The study was made up of a survey of 1,000 people from each of the 18 nations.

In the United Kingdom, 74 per cent of those surveyed stated that they would support accepting refugees fleeing violence and war.

STUDY: Spain comes out on top.
Photo Credit: Pew Research Centre

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