Man dies after being crushed by bull with flaming horns during festival in Spain

JERICA BULL FESTIVAL: File photograph from a previous year's event. Photo credit: Facebook / Comision de Toros Jerica

AN ELDERLY man has died after being rammed by a bull with flaming horns during celebrations in the town of Jérica in Castellón in Spain. 

According to reports the 71-year-old man was injured by a bull on Sunday morning.

The man was transferred to the intensive care unit of the Mini Fe de Sagunt hospital.


Mayor of the town, Marisa Domingo said: “They told us that he was moved alive, but it was difficult for him to breathe and, although his eyes were open, he did not seem to respond to the stimuli.”

The man was pronounced dead later on Sunday morning.

One eyewitness said: “It seems the man got confused and when he went to enter the barrier he tried to enter forwards instead of sideways”

“The impact was great against the iron barriers” claimed the spectator.




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