Spain urges Brits to give blood and save lives

BIG HEART: Those who donate are helping to save lives. Credit: Shutterstock

EVERY day in Spain, dozens of people’s lives are saved by crucial blood donations.

The majority of surgeries, organ transplants and cancer treatments that are performed each day require blood transfusions.

Moreover, despite huge technological advances, the only way for hospitals to obtain this blood is through the generosity of the public.


However, people who lived in Britain from 1980 to 1996 have been asked to check with the donation teams before giving blood.

Some authorities do not accept donations from those who did, due to the outbreak of Creutzfeldt-Jakob (mad cow) disease.

Those interested in making a donation will be asked to provide some personal and medical information and documentation, to prove their identity.

The process of the blood donation itself lasts only 10 minutes in which 450 ml are collected (equating to 10 per cent of the total blood circulation of an adult person)

It is a completely safe procedure with minimal side effects, and every precaution is taken by medical staff for the health of the donor.

If you want to donate blood in Spain you can do this at your local hospital or health centre, who will be happy to provide all the information.

It can also be done through the Spanish Red Cross (, which operates a number of mobile units specifically for these donations.

For information on organ donation in Andalucia, please visit the website.


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