More penalty points for mobile phone use behind wheel in Spain

RISKS: Using mobiles while driving reduces attention to the road by 40 per cent CREDIT: Shutterstock

CONTROL and surveillance is being stepped up this week as part of a campaign to prevent distractions at the wheel on Spanish roads.

Until Monday, The Directorate General of Traffic is reinforcing controls to stop the use of mobile devices while driving, in conjunction with the National Federation Aspaym, an association of people with spinal cord injury and other physical disabilities.

According to the DGT, in three out of 10 accidents, the common factor if the use of communication devices behind the wheel.


In light of this, it is imposing between four and six points to offenders as opposed to the previous three.

Statistics show drivers lose 40 per cent of their attention to the road and surroundings when using mobiles.

A spokesperson said the use of devices ‘produces a risk of suffering an accident similar to those with an excess of alcohol’, which quadruple the risk of accidents.

The initiative started this week on the the A-2 and M-115 near Barcelona, overseen by director of the National Road Safety Observatory, Alvaro Gomez Mendez.

And volunteers from Aspaym are supporting the campaign by being on hand to make drivers aware of the consequences of their behaviour.

Other dangerous things include lighting a cigarette and adjusting an in-car radio.


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