Morocco’s crack down on thousands of Spain-bound migrants

CROSSING POINT: Morocco is cracking down on migrants crossing into Spain. Photo credit: @european pan via Twitter

REPORTS have emerged that the forests of Tangiers, Morocco are filled with sub-Saharan migrants escaping poverty and violence in their homelands.

Migrants have flocked to Morocco at an alarming rate in recent months with many aspiring to cross the Strait of Gibraltar into Europe via Spain.

Experts claim that the influx of migrants to Morocco is a direct result of the Libyan coast guard’s tightened grip on smugglers in the routes between Libya and Italy.


Now, rights activists in Morocco claim they are witnessing the largest migrant crack down since 2015 is underway.

There are reports from the North African nation that migrants have been forced to flee into the hills of Morocco’s northern cities like Tangiers after Moroccan police smashed down their doors and confiscated their property, including money stashed away to pay smugglers for their entry into Europe.

However, rights activists now fear the migrants will be driven even further away from their make-shift forest camps as Moroccan police have launched a series of raids, confiscating and dismantling camps and then packing the migrants onto buses out of Tangiers.

Moroccan authorities have allegedly asked locals to turn-in migrants should they ‘ask for water’.

Mustapha El Khalfi, a spokesman for the Moroccan government said the country is not prepared to allow its borders to be abused by human trafficking networks.

Authorities in Morocco claim that they prevented 65,000 migrants cross into Spain last year.


  1. And Algeria is bussing illegal migrants back across the desert and dropping them off in Mali.
    Why do not Spain and France and Italy and Greece do the same ? And England, for that matter.

    • That would be outrageous European countries shipping or bussing illegal work migrants out that constantly abuse our borders and are putting pressure on our social housing,doctors,schools and my taxes are all paying for this to happen nice .


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