Ancient Greek-styled erotic art arouses debate in Spain

INAPPROPRIATE? The art work has sparked debate in Spain. Photo Credit: Twitter / @cuevasoscuras

A NEW collection of erotic sculptures has popped up at a popular marina in Spain dividing opinions amongst the locals and tourists alike.

Local artist Antoni Miro designed the sculptures in order to give the public a sneak preview of his upcoming exhibition on ancient Greek eroticism according to a spokeswoman for the marina’s management team.

However, Miro’s artwork has outraged many locals who claim sculptures of this erotic nature should not be on display in a space frequented by families with children.


The conservative group have condemned the sculptures, they claim the art violates the law for the protection of minors.

Artist Miro fired back at the criticism of his work, claiming his sculptures are merely representative of a respected artistic tradition.

The silhouetted figures Miro’s pieces borrow heavily from the style of ancient Greek vases.

Miro suggested to Spanish media that those who criticise his work are “behind the times”.


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