STORM ALI: Passengers ‘vomiting and crying’ on turbulent flight from Spain to UK

TEARS OF RELIEF: It was an bumpy flight from Ibiza to Glasgow. Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Sanjay Singh Patwal via Youtube

PASSENGERS on a holiday flight from Ibiza to Glasgow yesterday (Wednesday) experienced severe turbulence as their plane was buffeted by Storm Ali.

Winds of up to 80mph rocked the TUI aircraft as it approached its destination in Scotland.

Storm Ali arrived to parts of Britain and Ireland yesterday with reports suggesting winds reached 100mph in some areas.


The flight ordeal lasted for 45 minutes as winds shook the plane violently causing some passengers to vomit.

One passenger remarked, “Everyone was chalk-white and you could hear people being sick. People were passing baby wipes around.”

Reportedly the plane unsuccessfully attempted to land in Glasgow twice before a third successful attempt.

And a video has emerged of the moment the TUI flight finally landed, the relief of the passengers is clear to see in the video, one woman can even briefly be seen wiping away tears of relief.

The passengers demonstrated their appreciation to the pilot with a round of applause after the difficult landing.

One passenger said, “The plane kept going up and down and it felt like was going to turn 180 degrees at one point.”

An eyewitness account recalls, “We saw a group of guys who had been drinking earlier on the flight in the terminal and they looked like the hangover had just hit them. One was spewing all over the floor.”


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