SHELL SHOCKED: Medics in Spain discover turtle in ‘intimate region’ of Brit woman’s body

SHELL SHOCKED: The medics couldn't believe their eyes (File photographs). Picture credits: Shutterstock

DOCTORS in Spain were shocked to find a British woman had a decomposing turtle rotting away inside her body causing a severe infection.

The woman, reportedly a resident of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, went to the El Mojon medical centre complaining of a severe pain in her abdomen.

Medical staff were astonished to find out that her pain was being caused by an infection caused by a decomposing turtle inside her body.


National Police were called to the medical centre after the discovery was made to take the woman’s statement.

The woman claims she first realised a strange sensation in her private area two days prior during a party with fellow Brits on the Canary island.

The woman assured the National Police she had no idea how the turtle came to be inside of her.

It is understood that the British woman remains in hospital receiving treatment for the infection.

The Spanish word tortuga is used for both ‘turtle’ and ‘tortoise’, details about which reptile was found have yet to be confirmed.



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