Three dead after dispute between families in Spain – man and two kids arrested

THREE DEAD: Police at the scene of the shootings (edited). Photo credit: Twitter / @policiaforal_na

THREE people have died in a shooting in Spain after a matrimonial dispute between two families escalated.

The shocking incident happened in the town of Cáseda (Navarra) where three days of mourning have been declared.

The Policia Foral (the provincial police of Navarra), paramedics and an air ambulance were called to the aftermath of the event where three bodies were found lying in the street.


Three people fled the scene in a car but were intercepted and chased before being arrested by police officers near San Martín de Unx.

The detained include a 53-year-old man and his two children from the town of Tierra Estrella which neighbours Cáseda.


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