‘FAT SLOB’: Ryanair employee’s Facebook comment targets Brit passenger on flight to Spain

COMMENT: A Ryanair passenger was called a 'fat slob' after he complained about the airline. Photo credits: Shutterstock / BBC / Laura Coupland via Facebook

A RYANAIR employee shared her thoughts about a British man publicly on social media after he complained about the airline’s treatment of his wife.

The incident occurred after an article in a newspaper featured the complaints of a Ryanair passenger, David Bookbinder.

Mr. Bookbinder claims his wife Wang Yi, who holds a Chinese passport, was not allowed to travel to Tenerife, Spain from East Midlands Airport due to visa issues.


The former Derby county council leader, Mr. Bookbinder, and his wife were reportedly stranded at East Midlands Airport after Mrs. Yi was unable to travel in the EU Shengen zone.

In the article, Mr. Bookbinder argues that his wife should have been able to fly on his British visa, “Ryanair staff are adamant but they simply just do not know the rules.”

Upon reading Mr. Bookbinder’s rant in an online version of the article, Ryanair customer service supervisor, Laura Coupland from Derby commented on Facebook, “I bet his wife was hoping deep down that she wouldn’t get on the flight and he would carry on his journey without her.  I mean, waking up to that fat slob every morning!’

Miss Coupland has since deleted her remarks and when asked to comment, Ryanair refused to address ‘unverified social media posts’.

Ryanair did however comment on Mr. Bookbinder’s claim his wife was falsely denied access to the flight to Tenerife,

The airline said, “It is each customer’s own responsibility to ensure they have the correct travel documents for their journey, as stated in our terms and conditions at the time of booking.”

“Our records confirm that the customer in question was not in possession of a valid travel visa and was correctly denied boarding.”

It is unknown whether Miss Coupland was involved in the incident denying Mr. Bookbinder’s wife access to board the flight to Tenerife.

CAUGHT: The Facebook comment made by Laura Coupland.
Photo credit: Facebook




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