Health worker arrested for robbing dead patient in back of ambulance in Spain

Elderly man dies in head-on collision with school bus
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AN ambulance technician in Spain has been accused of robbing a recently deceased person of their credit cards.

It is alleged that the shocking theft occurred in the back of an ambulance in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

An ambulance had been called after a person was found unconscious in the road. Despite their efforts, paramedics were unable to save the person’s life who was pronounced dead at the scene.


But shortly after the death, on August 28, relatives of the deceased noticed banking transactions using credit cards that had been held by deceased.

There were large purchases for €1,453 euros and then another to the value of €2,087 euros.

Police enquiries revealed that a hotel reservation made with one of the stolen credit cards was in the name of the health worker who was in the ambulance in which the
deceased person was transported.

The case is now due to go before the courts.


  1. Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident. A friend died suddenly and the body lay for 3 hours before being removed. When the widow obtained the deceased’s personal effects, a watch and cashmere jumper were missing. The insurance company also never paid out because there was no post mortem done [He was retired, dropped dead on the golf course with either a major stroke or heart attack – do you really need a post mortem?]


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