Nurse punched on jaw by ‘distressed’ patient in hospital in Spain

INCIDENT: Hospital de la Axarquia where the nurse was injured Photo Credit: Axarquiaplus

A MALE patient of the Hospital de la Axarquia punched a nurse after suffering a psychotic outbreak in the Emergency Room.

The young man allegedly untied himself in a from the stretcher buckles when the female health assistant came to attend him, and was in a state of heightened distress.

He punched her on the jaw and she fell to the floor before her colleagues quickly arrived to restrain the patient.

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After managing to calm him down they performed a drug test which produced a negative result.

The man, of foreign nationality, has been transferred to the Acute Unit of the hospital for further treatment.

The nurse was treated for her injuries and a complaint has been filed with the National Police.

A protest took place on last Monday outside the building against the recent cases of physical abuse in hospitals.


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