BANGED UP: Noisy burglars caught stealing garden furniture on the Costa Blanca

NOISY: Neighbours alerted the police after hearing loud noises outside Photo Credit: Policia Local / Facebook

NOISY burglars who caused a racket as they tried to steal garden furniture were caught when a neighbour called police.

Elche Local Police arrested three people on who are accused of stealing from a house in Travalon Alto.

The neighbor was alerted banging coming from a courtyard as the alleged thieves tried to load the furniture into a van.


Armed with a description of the van a patrol stopped a van a few streets away minutes later. The occupants also matched a description given and they all gave inconsistent stories when questioned.

It is alleged the three all resisted arrest, with one accused of assaulting a police officer.

Now the case has been passed to National Police who are investigating several burglaries in the Llano de San José area and the Altamira urbanisation.



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