REIGN IN SPAIN?: Burger King boss plans 250 new restaurants

REIGN IN SPAIN?: Burger giant to open new restaurants. Photo credit: Shutterstock

A FAST food giant has announced plans to create 250 new restaurants in Spain.

Burger King boss Jose Cil visited a Barcelona branch this week where he revealed he intends to significantly add to the 750 established outlets in the country in the near future.

During his stop-off, he greeted staff and reportedly, together with president of the Restaurant Brands Iberia and CEO of Burger King Spain, Gregorio Jimine, offered Whoppers all round.


The Cuban descendant presides the second largest fast food chain in the world, with 17,000 restaurants in 100 countries, and Spain is already its third largest market.

Today there are said to be 60 per cent more stores than in 2010.

But this is not enough for the burger boss, who wants to grow in emerging markets, in high traffic areas such as airports, stations and service areas, and in mature markets like Spain.

He is reported to have pledged to ‘reach the 1,000 Burger King in Spain as soon as possible’.

Competitor McDonald’s is said to have about 500 restaurants across the country, but more than 37,000 worldwide.


  1. Can’t believe people still support /eat that JUNK (won’t even call it food)
    Not surprising the world’s situation today with promoting these establishments…


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