UK driving licences ‘may no longer be valid’ in Spain in event of ‘No-Deal’ Brexit

UK driving license could be no good in Spain post March 2019 Credit: Shutterstock

THE UK government has warned that UK driving licences ‘may no longer be valid’ in the EU if a ‘no deal’ Brexit comes to pass.

March 29, 2019 could be the deadline for drivers to use a UK driving licence in countries like Spain.

When the UK leaves the EU, Brits on holiday in Spain could be forced to use an international driving permit (IDP) in Europe.


Obtaining an IDP is a current standard requirement for drivers in some cases when travelling by car outside of Europe.

Purchasing an IDP is at present a relatively simple procedure.  They can be found in most post offices in the UK for the price of £5.50.   However, this too is set to change,

From January 31, 2019,  international driving permits will only be obtainable from the government, details regarding price and issue points are yet to be revealed.

The government has also announced that the once simple exchange of a British driving licence to that of another EU country will likely not be possible following Brexit.

The AA President Edmund King has bemoaned this fresh “burden” to British motorists with hopes to drive in Europe after Brexit.




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