‘Hero’ Brit – who saved two drowning kids – seeks compensation for ‘ruined holiday’ in Spain

TRAUMA: Steven Tartt claims he had nightmares after the incident. Photo credit: Shutterstock

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A BRITISH holidaymaker has demanded compensation from TUI after the emotional impact of saving the lives of two drowning children spoiled his trip.

The man, Steven Tartt, a 32-year-old father-of-two from Merseyside, was holidaying on the popular Balearic island of Menorca.

Reports suggest, upon seeing two children a boy, 7, and a girl, 6, struggling at the bottom of the hotel pool, Mr Tartt dived to the rescue to pull the drowning children out to safety.

However, the heroic act has reportedly taken a toll on Mr. Tartt’s mental health and he claims the trauma of the incident “affected” him, causing him to take a week off from work.

In addition to this, Mr. Tartt claim’s the lifeguard on duty at the hotel swimming pool ‘wasn’t doing his job’ to save the children and that they ‘couldn’t be a***d to move’.

Mr. Tartt spoke to the British press blaming holiday provider TUI’s failure to ‘hire capable staff’ for ‘ruining his holiday’.

According to Mr. Tartt, TUI have allegedly rule out compensation citing that Mr. Tartt’s decision to take action was his decision alone.

Mr. Tartt claims to be experiencing nightmares after the incident during which he is unable to get to the children in time.

TUI have now responded to the allegations, a company spokesman stated “We’re sure everyone shares our thanks to Mr Tartt for his brave actions.”

Despite not offering monetary compensation to Mr. Tartt, TUI say “the most appropriate support we could provide would be to offer free access to our independent partner the Centre for Crisis Psychology (CCP).”

The holiday provider added that the hotel in question took “immediate and appropriate action with the staff member involved.”

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  1. Unbelievable! I would have thought any person with any compassion would have been more than ecstatic to have saved the lives of two young children without even thinking of a reward because that’s what you are after Mr. Tarrtt.

  2. What a shame Mr Tartt has turned himself from a hero to a money grabbing idiot in such a short space of time. His actions should have given him a surge of pride and happiness at saving the lives of these children, and I’ll bet he got plenty of congratulations from other people too. That is hardly a ‘ruined’ holiday. No doubt it was only when he got home that either he or a greedy lawyer spotted a money-making opportunity and came up with than nonsense about being ‘unable to get to his children’ because of nightmares. Great that TUI didn’t cave in to this blatant extortion attempt from a man who has now defined the phrase ‘hero to zero’.


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