WATCH: Historic town hit without warning by MASSIVE flash flooding in south of Spain


RESIDENTS of Ronda, romantically known as the City of Dreams, suffered a nightmare this afternoon (Thursday) when thunderstorms and flash flooding hit the area without warning.

Streets were left awash with water almost a metre deep in places as an estimated 45 litres per square metre fell in less than an hour.

Tables and chairs from cafes could be seen floating down the streets.


No warning of the impending storm was issued by the state Met Office AEMET but a yellow alert just been put in place until 9pm this evening.

Mayor Teresa Valdenebro Ríos was furious that no warning of the storm had been provided. She recommended caution to the citizens of the town advised neighbours to call 112, the Local Police or Civil Protection volunteers in case of any incident.

Imágenes de la Plaza de Toros de Ronda tras la tromba de agua que ha anegado varias zonas de la ciudad.

Geplaatst door Canal Charry op Donderdag 13 september 2018

Parace k están cayendo unas gotitas!!!

Geplaatst door Sergio Carrillo Benitez op Donderdag 13 september 2018

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Geplaatst door Teresa Valdenebro Ríos op Donderdag 13 september 2018



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