SECURITY BREACH: British man boards Ryanair flight to Spain without valid ticket

TOO EASY: The man made it onto the Ryanair plane without a valid ticket. Photo credit: Shutterstock

AN urgent investigation has been launched after a passenger managed to pass through multiple airport security checks to board a Ryanair flight despite his ticket being booked for a flight one month later.

The security breach at Bournemouth was only discovered after a row erupted on the aircraft due to fly to Girona in Spain on September 6 when the man argued with a woman he believed to be in his designated seat.

Cabin crew realised an error had been made upon inspecting the man’s ticket which was indeed for a flight to Girona but not until one month later on October 6.

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Now questions have been raised regarding the level of security at the airport after the man, who mistakenly arrived an entire month early, was able to pass through check-in and all security checks before arriving onto the plane without a valid ticket.

Ryanair has said that they have “asked our gate agent to ensure it does not recur.”





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