RUMBLED: Emergency services take 34 calls after earthquake in south of Spain today

EARTHQUAKE: The epicentre of today's quake was at Alhendín, near Granada, at an estimated depth of 5km. Photo credit: Shutterstock / IGN

SPAIN’S National Geographic Institute (IGN) has registered 3.2 magnitude earthquake in the south of Spain this afternoon (Thursday).

The 112 Andalucia emergency control centre confirmed they had received 34 from concerned residents in Granada, Churriana, Armilla, La Zubia and Ogíjares.

The epicentre of today’s quake was Alhendín at an estimated depth of 5km.


No personal or material damage has been reported.

Earlier in the week six low-intensity earthquakes were felt in the Granada area on Monday afternoon between 2.29pm and 10.56pm and ranging between 1.5 and 2.8 on the Richter scale.

The first had its epicentre in the municipality of Otura, the second in the Granada capital at 3.12pm (magnitude 2.8), the third (2.4) in Armilla at 3.48pm, fourth (1.5) in Huétor Vega at 5.06pm, fifth (2.2) in ​Armilla at 6.41pm and the last (2.4) in Ogíjares at 10.56pm.


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