URINE FOR A SHOCK: British tourists ‘worst offenders’ for peeing in hotel minibar bottles in Spain

P*SSED OFF: Some hotels plan to remove minibars from the Costa Blanca Credit: Shutterstock

ALLEGATIONS have been made that British holidaymakers in one of Spain’s most popular tourist hot spots have been replacing the contents of hotel minibars with liquids, sometimes urine, to avoid extra holiday charges.

A survey conducted by the Costa Blanca hotel association Hosbec claims British holidaymakers are the worst offenders in the region.

One in three tourists surveyed confessed to refilling empty bottles in an attempt to avoid expensive additions to their hotel bills.


An association spokesman said, “We have had people filling bottles with pee and, thank God, that staff have always detected it”

Hotels in the region are planning action which could see minibars become a thing of the past on the Costa Blanca.

Some hotels have proposed including vending machines in shared areas to clamp down on these activities and to remove the largely unprofitable minibars from their rooms.

The survey also revealed holidaymakers on the Costa Blanca admitted to stealing towels from their hotel rooms and to hoarding food from breakfast buffets to munch on throughout their stay.


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