Irish presidential candidate confesses he used to be a ‘paid escort’ in Spain

ESCORT: The Spanish party island of Ibiza and (inset) Kevin Sharkey. Photo credits: Shutterstock / Wikipedia

KEVIN SHARKEY, 57, a hopeful in Ireland’s upcoming presidential race has admitted he spent six-months as a ‘paid escort’ in Ibiza.

The outspoken artist and activist has provided many of the Irish presidential race’s most controversial assertions so far, ranging from his “Ireland First” immigration stance, his justification of the death penalty “for anybody who harms an old person in their home”, to his idolisation of Donald Trump, “He hasn’t killed as many people as the rest of them.”

He claims times were tough for him while living in Ibiza “when the crash happened”.


The aspiring politician was receiving €250 to accompany clients on a one-to-one basis during evenings as a “paid escort”.

“I went out for dinner with people to restaurants and that sort of thing”, claims Mr. Sharkey.

The presidential candidate admits that he had attempted to make previous recollections of the work he conducted in Ibiza “more juicy” during interviews.

Mr. Sharkey emphatically denies that his role involved ‘paid sex’.

The Presidential hopeful addressed his past ahead of the Presidential race asserting he has “nothing to hide”, inviting the Irish electorate to “Google” information in the public domain to learn more about him.


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