IN PICTURES: One million turnout in Cataluña for pro-independence rally

“Let’s build a Republic” was a popular slogan on the day Credit: Shutterstock

AN ESTIMATED one million protestors flocked to the streets of Barcelona yesterday (Tuesday) in an attempt to reinvigorate Cataluña’s independence movement.

The march coincided with ‘Diada’, the National Day of Cataluña which commemorates the anniversary of Barcelona’s fall to Spain in 1714.

Protestors donned red and yellow that could be seen across vast stretches of Barcelona’s city centre.


The separatists displayed numerous placards and chanted anthems of the independence movement.

Flares were lit as tractors could be seen displaying huge Catalan flags.

The slogan brandished by many of the protestors read “Let’s build a Republic”, as some rallied to continue the region’s independence movement almost a year after Cataluña’s failed attempt to break away.

Spanish reports suggest the large turnout for the celebrations could be a show of support for regional President Quim Torra as he continues to push for an independent Cataluña.

Torra was seen wearing a yellow ribbon at the ‘Diada’ celebrations, a symbol of solidarity towards the nine imprisoned Cataluña politicians who took part in last year’s illegal referendum.


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