Flight heading to Spain makes emergency landing due to engine problem

IBERIA AIRLINES: Plane made emergency landing after an engine problem (File photogragh). Picture credit: Shutterstock

AN IBERIA AIRLINES plane heading to Spain was forced to make an emergency landing just 90 minutes into a flight after the crew reported an engine issue and passengers claimed they smelled burning.

“Something was burning so I kinda got up, I looked around,” passenger Natasha Timpone said.

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“Everyone was kind of panicking and we found one of the engines had blown.”

The Iberia IB6252 flight carrying 265 passengers from New York’s JFK International Airport to Madrid was diverted to Boston and landed safely at Logan International Airport.

But tensions rose once the passengers entered the airport and state police were called in to keep the peace as frustrated flyers tried to get information from the airline.

Temporary beds were set in the terminal while the airline worked to bus passengers back to New York.

An Iberia Airlines spokeswoman confirmed that the engine became ‘problematic’ after one hour and thirty minutes of flight.

She explained that the passengers were taken back to New York due to the lack of hotel rooms in Boston and because JFK offered more flight opportunities to Europe.

Some passengers choose to forgo the four-hour bus ride and booked their trip to Europe through other airlines at Logan.



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