One autonomous community in Spain records 80 per cent of the country’s entire drug seizures in 2017

477 tonnes of drugs were confiscated last year in Spain Credit: Guardia Civil

ONE SPANISH autonomous community was responsible for 80 per cent of all drug seizures last year as Spain beat its all-time record for narcotics confiscation.

Last year, 2017, saw Spanish law enforcement agencies seize 477 tonnes of illegal narcotics, four-fifths of these drugs were found in Andalucia.

This is according to statistics from the Annual Report of the state Attorney General’s Office which are made public at the start of every judicial year.


The number of narcotics seized in 2017 including cocaine, heroin, hashish and marihuana exceeded 400,000 kilograms which was an improvement on the 372,901 kg from 2016.

Geographically, the Andalucian port of Cadiz accounted for a huge proportion of drugs seized, 48.34% of lasts years total seizures were recorded in the coastal city.

Taking into account other large figures recorded for Andalucía’s other major cities like Malaga, 80% of the confiscated 477 tonnes were seized in the province.

The annual report hails the police’s efforts claiming their work will prove most influential to “young people who see their future threatened by drugs”.



  1. Sorry to point this out but Andalucia is not a province, it is an autonomous community. In Andalucia there are various provinces, Granada, Malaga, cadiz etc.


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