MALLORCA KNIFE ATTACK: ‘Lucky to be alive’ Scot was stabbed six times by English holidaymaker

STABBED: Scot, Robert Watson is 'lucky to be alive' Credit: Shutterstock/Facebook

MORE details have emerged after a British tourist was seriously injured after being stabbed in a Magaluf hotel in Spain.

The victim of the knife attack has since been named as Robert Watson, 31, from Ayrshire, Scotland.

He was involved in a violent altercation on Sunday involving seven British men at the TRH hotel in the popular Mallorca resort.


Mr Watson was stabbed six-times in total, he suffered stab wounds to the abdomen, rear and back during the brawl and is said to be ‘lucky to be alive’ by his brother, Andrew Mulholland, 20.

Mr Mulholland has claimed the English brawlers brought two knives to the fight, branding Robert and himself “Scottish b******s” in the build-up to the brawl.

When Mr Watson realised he was bleeding, the brothers were forced to retreat and lock themselves in their hotel room while emergency services were called to the scene and it is understood that Mr Mulholland later assisted police in their efforts to identify and track down the suspect.

Spanish police have arrested Andrew Charles Fries, a 29-year-old from Gloucester on suspicion of attempted murder for his alleged involvement in the brawl.

Three others are also in police custody for fighting but not, it is understood, for their involvement in the stabbing of Robert Watson.


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