Brits video themselves cutting ‘suspicious’ white powder on Ryanair flight to Spain


A VIDEO has surfaced showing three British holidaymakers on a Ryanair flight to Ibiza preparing lines of alleged ‘cocaine’.

In the footage the lads have cut three lines of a white powder on a tray table and are seen rolling £5 notes to snort the substance, but at no point do the boys ingest the powders in the video.

One of the trio boasts, “Got a few lines racked up and ready to go”.


Surprisingly, when a Ryanair steward arrives bringing two small bottles of vodka he fails to make any comment on the white powders.

One of the males can be heard repeatedly offering the steward the opportunity to indulge in their ‘drug-taking’ activities, “do you want a line, mate?”

The Ryanair steward politely declines the offer, “No thanks”.

The white powders from the flight were not tested and therefore cannot be verified as illegal narcotics.

Ryanair said that it would not comment on “unverified social media videos”.



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