SOUTH AFRICA: ‘Run by a party steeped in bloodshed, corruption and terrorism’

FOREIGN VISIT: May visited South Africa and other nations last week CREDIT: UK Prime Minister, via Twitter

THE PROBLEM with politicians and their respective governments, is that in order to survive, they have to be, (among other things), appeasers, hypocrites, backside kissers, downright liars and media illusionists.

Irrespective of their policies, their very survival relies on their skill to deliver each of these ‘attributes’ whenever deemed necessary. May and her party of disarray, are very good at most – if not all of them!

Blatantly revealing her department’s total disregard for the local British populace, she revealed a disgraceful appeasement of the Muslims who were slaughtering animals in their suburban back gardens, by declaring the practice was quite acceptable, if the meat was for their own use!


No doubt her department also happily condoned the checkout person, who was allowed an unprecedented alcohol-free aisle because his religion didn’t allow it.

This latest decision to grandly descend on South Africa, bearing gifts of foreign aid, and seeking future business ties to a country knee-deep in diamonds, gold and other natural resources, actually manages to fill all the aforementioned criteria in one fell swoop.

South Africa is run by a party steeped in bloodshed, corruption and terrorism.

White inhabitants are being murdered in the streets and have become victims of (largely unreported) genocide in a country run by a gang of despots, who retain much of their popularity by showing their black citizens they are willing to continually condone and support revenge on the white races who ‘stole’ their country.

Following the same disastrous policies of Zimbabwe, they are repossessing farms from white owners, who have run them successfully for generations, at an alarming rate. From 1994 to 2013 (The last credible analysis) there were 1544 murders on SA farms of which a mere 208 were black.

A simpering May chooses to ignore all these racist atrocities and corrupt practices from this murderous bunch and dance among them (very badly I may add!) offering ‘a wonderful future of trade and closer alliance between our great countries!’

And why has she chosen Africa as her initial venture into the forging of possible new post Brexit trade opportunities with the Commonwealth?

Because she is totally aware that in these insecure, war torn and despot run countries, she will get the most favourable reception.

She knows full well that these governments are desperate to be seen doing business with the ‘Mother country.’ It does untold good to their credibility and appearance of legitimacy among their own downtrodden citizens and indeed the rest of the world. In return, back in the UK, slippery May can boast of going forth into the World and fulfilling her promises to expand our global trade after leaving the EEC.

All this is part of the illusion. While the British audience is busy looking at magician May, her ‘backstage assistants’ are busy negotiating the rest of the Brexit ‘compromises’ that will betray British democracy and keep us still tied to this unelected, overpaid bunch of utterly nasty self-serving Brussel zealots forever.

Have a great week.

Keep the faith

Love Leapy

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  1. Well said Leapy Lee, you will also notice that so called anti apartheid screamers are practising that “deafening silence”. We left South Africa about seven years ago because we could see what will be happening there, S.A will just be another Zimbabwe and big organizations will continue using that country for there conveniance and backhanders propping up a racialist government.

  2. When the Whites landed in South Africa in 1542 the were NO BLACKS IN SOUTH AFRICA except for a few that were migrating down the north Natal coast. The interior was uninhabited. The coastal areas were inhabited by Bushmen and Hottentots. The Whites developed the country so the blacks have no claim on the land. May is a DISASTER!


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