WATCH: Frightening flash floods sweep cars away as village in Spain hit by violent storm

FLOOD: The village of Cebolla was devastated by the storm. Photo credit: MeteOrihuela

FRIGHTENING flash flooding hit a village in Spain at the weekend, sweeping away cars in the street, as a major storm hit the area. 

The carnage that ensued was captured on camera by locals of the village of Cebolla in Toledo.

Saturday saw the nearby Sangüesa creek burst its banks causing a flash-flood to pour through the streets wreaking havoc on the village’s annual fiesta.


Videos show the sheer force of the flood as a powerful current washed cars away.

Homes and basements were flooded with water and the village’s health centre was severely flooded.

The violent floods did not reportedly lead to any injuries in the town which has a population of 3,000.

¡¡Tremendo!! Riada en Cebolla (Toledo) 08-09-2018

¡¡Tremendo!! 😱 Esta tarde (08/09/2018), fuerte #tormenta y riada en #Cebolla (#Toledo). Consecuencias de uno de los focos convectivos asociados a la #DANA (Depresión Aislada en Niveles Altos). No obstante, se estima que este suceso no ha ocurrido solamente por la #lluvia, sino que debe existir algún motivo más. Vídeo grabado por Aurora de Pablos.

Geplaatst door MeteOrihuela op Zaterdag 8 september 2018


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