SHOCKING VIDEO: Man repeatedly gored at bull-running festival in Spain

GORED: The moment the bull charged JG. Photo credit: YouTube

A 54-year-old man was rushed to hospital in a serious condition at the weekend after he was pinned against a fence and severely gored during a bull-running event in Spain.

The injured man, known only as JG, is a local of Medina del Campo, Valladolid.

The incident occurred on Saturday morning during the annual San Antolin festival held in the town.

In disturbing footage (scroll down the page), the man is gored repeatedly by a large black bull whilst trapped against a wire fence suffering injuries to his chest, one arm and his rear.

A fellow spectator tried his best to discourage the bull but was unable to stop the attack.

Once the bull withdrew it continued towards the urban section of the course.

A vehicle arrived a the scene to transport the man the regional hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

Local councillor, Jose Maria Magro has claimed that JG should not have been standing on the prohibited side of the fence where the incident occurred.

The bull in the footage was unharmed but some reports claim that several other were put down after injuring themselves during the event.



  1. It’s time this ridiculous “macho” atrocity was ended. For those who have no compassion for the animals at least it will stop silly idiots hurting themselves.

  2. Dozens of men on horses rode past while the bull was busy goring the small-brained man who decided to climb over the fence and put himself at risk, yet they did nothing. Couldn’t they have tried to distract the bull or poke it with a stick or something? Seemed to be up to the bull to decide when he had had enough. The man could have been killed while everybody just looked on.


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